Our Technology Partners
As a market leader of digital lock supplier in Malaysia, we are always working together with the worldwide well-known technology companies to develop our core technology. That is why our core products is always leading amongst our competitor.

The technology which adopted to our core products are digital lock, hotel lock, hotel key card system, biometric fingerprint lock, digital safe, fingerprint safe, etc.

In Malaysia, we are always leading and in the No.1 position of hotel door lock industry!

Technology Development Partners

TI (Texas Instruments) is one of the largest and most successful chips manufacturer and developer among the world, which sharing around 50% of the market share. Its DSP processor is generally acknowledged as the number one in the world. TI gives fully supportto ADEL’s fingerprint processor development and the promotion of fingerprint products.

ATMEL is one of the best producer, developer, and seller of semi-conductor. It established 40 design centres and had over 60 production lines, projects, and distributor channels all over the world. ATMEL and ADEL cooperate to develop probably the best swipe type fingerprint sensor, and keep moving on the fingerprinttechnology development.
Business Partners

HONEYWELL INTL INC, a world famous corporation, is ranked 195th in the world’s top 500 enterprises’ list. HONEYWELL adopted ADEL’s fingerprint modules to its safe. In addition, they cooperate with ADEL in developing security product.

HANWANG GROUP is the leading IT firm in China. They are expert in identity recognition technology, and are the first one to develop and apply the Intellectual interactive technology. As HANWANG GROUP foresees the contribution of fingerprint technology to the identity recognition technology, HANWANG GROUP cooperates with ADEL to develop and promote the fingerprint technology.

SVA Group, as one of the leading firm in the electronic information field, gained total USD 6.3Billion of sales volume in 2004, with net revenue USD 0.24Billion. SVA construct interface and that enables ADEL’s fingerprint sensor to apply in the ORCALE system.

Consultant & Services

ORACLE CORPORATION is the largest Corporate Management System service provider, all field in the world apply the ORACLE system. The ORACLE system enhanced the efficiency and resources allocation in ADEL, improved ADEL’s management level. ORACLE CORPORATION admitted the future development of ADEL’s fingerprint sensor applying to its system.
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