Digital Locks for Doors
Digital Locks for Doors

Having a digital lock for doors was a great change for me! You no longer have to bring your keys out when leaving home, which honestly was quite a hassle. Thanks to the latest technology developments, digital locks come with various functionality including face recognition and smartphone connectivity. Some digital locks even allow you to create a temporary password that can be useful for your family and friends. With an extensive variety of digital locks in the market, which then is the best digital door lock in Malaysia? Here we introduce the 10 Best Digital Locks for Doors in Malaysia, recommending you quality options that suit your home, apartment, condominium etc.

Best Digital Locks for doors in Malaysia

  1. Adel 1800/A300

Adel, offering one of the best digital locks for door in Malaysia, Adel has always been a reliable and trustworthy brand when it comes to home digital door lock. Its Adel 1800 A300 Digital Lock provides ease of use and top-notch security. What’s great is that everything is manageable from your smartphone. You can receive notifications when visitors arrive with your phone acting as your doorbell, and you can check the status of your door lock from anywhere. You may also choose from 5 different unlocking methods – Bluetooth app, fingerprint, RFID card, password, and mechanical key.
Dimension: 300(H) x 72.5(W) x 22.5(D) mm
Material: Aluminium Alloy
Unlocking ways: Fingerprint, Password, RFID Card, Bluetooth, Mechanical Key, WiFi (optional)
Working voltage: 6V/4pcs of AA Alkaline Batteries
Capacity: Fingerprint (200), Password (150), RFID Card (200)
Colour: Black, Silver, Gold
  1. Adel US13

Dreaming of having a fingerprint lock but have other priorities to budget for? While a digital lock can usually cost you a hefty sum, this Adel US13 Fingerprint Lock is a much affordable digital lock in Malaysia. Although there are no functions such as mobile app and WiFi, its fingerprint function is highly secure and you get an additional mechanical key. Moreover, it also can unlock with card and password, allows you to choose different ways to unlock your door.

Dimension: 295(H) x 77(W) x 20(D) mm
Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Unlocking ways: Fingerprint, Password, Card, Mechanical Key
Working voltage: 6V/4pcs of AA Alkaline Batteries
Capacity: Fingerprint (60), Password (10), Card (60)
Colour: Titanium Black, Stainless Steel
  1. Adel 1800/X1

Turn your Airbnb, homestay, or hotel into a smart place that impresses your guests with the Adel 1800 X1 Digital Door Lock. On top of its smartphone accessibility, it has features that let you manage your Airbnb easily just from the mobile app. You can select the specific date and schedule for your customers to access, track the user’s unlocking record, and delete the user. When the day comes, the password will be sent automatically to the user via SMS or email.
Dimension: 240(H) x 60(W) x 21(D) mm
Material: Zinc Alloy
Unlocking ways: Fingerprint, Password, Card, Bluetooth App, Mechanical Key
Working voltage: 6V/4pcs of AAA Alkaline Batteries
Capacity: Fingerprint (200), Password (200), Card (200)
Colour: Black

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Published : 5-Mar-2021

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