Keyless Door Locks Entry Into The Hotel Business
Keyless Door Locks Entry Into The Hotel Business

The concept of “contactless” came with pandemic period. Even though the pandemic period is calming down, this “contactless” demand has not weakened. So, digital smart door locks are a great option for hotel businesses. First, it can help to reduce the risk of lost keys. Second, guests can complete the entire process of staying by themselves without asking front desk. And third, the most important smart door locks can offer a high level of security.

Keyless entry

🗸Guests can unlock their door with key cards, smart phone or passcode without providing them a physical key.
🗸To prevent lost key and it also saves bag space.
🗸Save the time to unlock the door with few seconds.
🗸 Even without a pandemic, keyless lock technology can bring convenience to guests and enrich their experience.

 The lack of interaction, it can be more difficult to resolve complex issues.
✖ Not convenient to people who don’t have knowledge about technology.
✖ Technical or system error might cause hotels do not catch up the hotel room reservation.

Application of the digital smart lock scenario in Malaysian hotels

RFID Technology
RFID technology is widely used in hotel smart systems. Guests only need to scan access card at the card reading area that in front of the door lock.

Magnetic Technology
Normally hotel guests will get a magnetic key card from the receptionist at front desk, and then they can access hotel room by inserting the card to unlock the door.

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Published : 22-Dec-2022

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